May 2, 2012

Dear Chanel, I Adore You!

I’ve been sick with fever, cough & flu. It’s been a week. I have no idea why my body being so fragile & spoilt lately, it been a long time I didn't get sick.  I tell you it’s NOT FUN! I want to sleep. All the time. Now I feel like I'm turning to be a sleeping beauty. My bed is my kingdom & my beautiful fairy dress is my pyjamas (I miss my real clothes. I miss heels...I miss wearing heels)
So to inject the sense of glamorous in my life I have devoting today’s goggling at designer clothes, style fashion & anything beautiful to look at. I came across Paris-Bombay Runway photos by Chanel. I’m in love with all the clothes & jewelleries. Couldn't resist myself from sharing it with my lovely reader.  Enjoy! 





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