Apr 9, 2012

Style That Makes The Town Tick

 This is what I do the best while waiting for men when he is trying an outfit.

Gentleman out there, it’s time to brighten up your style! Spring is here & summer is on the way. It is the time for you to chuck your jacket. Trust me jacket is just cramping your style darling! :) If you live in the tropical country, it is the right time to look drop dead stylish. Let me tell you what you need. 
  • Polo shirt. Ladies like a guy with an eye for style and a commitment to quality. That’s why raggedy Ts and faded shirts aren't going to do the trick for your style. I much prefer polo shirt on man rather than Ts.
  • Cool pair of sunglasses
  • Start wearing Hat and you can start saying ‘Hey look at me. I've got a hat on and I’m cooler than you’ :P
  • Let’s stand up and say YES to short pants. Jeans sometimes is not so suitable for warmer weather. Choose pants or shorts that are cool and comfortable.
  • Choose light cologne. It’s hot, everyone is sweating and irritable. So DO NOT comes through with that deep tone, strong, suffocating cologne.
  • So for this season, don’t forget to choose a cool and fun one, in a light or bright colour and noticeable pattern!
To Gentleman, I hope there is something in here that helps you out or simply just make you happy because there is a girl that wants to see your big smile in this warm weather!


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