Apr 10, 2012

Lovely Beautiful Things I Can’t Live Without.- Part 4



Travel feeds my soul. I find so much inspiration when I travel whether it is a brand new place or one that I already familiar with. There is something special when I see other places. I love nothing more than walking through the streets of a beautiful city taking in the sight, smell, and sound.

Nothing can change my mood like a nice shower. I just like the way shower can relax my body and make me feel cleaner.

There is nothing more meaningful in life than people, especially people that I love & cherish. I love the sounds of people. I love people. I believe that each person that I meet represent a world in me. A world not born until they arrive. It’s only by this meeting that a new world is born.

The act of creating something brings me happiness. I love the challenge. I always learn something new in the process. The most part that I love is when every time I finished with a creation, I am more inspired then when I started it.

I love other people cultures. The evolution & influence of the culture in my life has given me a sense if perspective I greatly value. It makes me think outside the boxes, learn the sense of acceptance & get rid of the feeling of fear of what is different.


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