Feb 27, 2013

Speaking of A Cat

If you follow me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM you might recall how much I like to bully Coco. However as much as I like to annoy her, Coco likes to bully me too.

Well if you guys don't believe me, lets the pictures below do the talking than.... ;-p

IMG_20130209_080140 20121216_124039 IMG_20130121_201550 IMG_20130120_203013
^ Meowing in front of my room & sitting on my lap every morning. 

^ Coco decided to sleep on my desk when I was sketching something.

^ Taking over my laptop to watch Nala the Cat. Apparently Coco love to watch it. I think if I let her to watch Nala, she might stare at the screen the whole day.

^  Playing with my pen when I was busy writing.... & look at her tail... -______-

Apart all of her naughtiness, it is silly how much I love Coco..haih....


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