Feb 12, 2013

Guess Who's in the Kitchen?

I discover a little love for baking and cooking. 
* I don't lie! can u believe it??? I have a hard time believing it too.. ;-O*
 I am not sure why and how it happened?
Lately I spent quiet amount of time doing this things. It freaks me out but I take it positively.
 Here’s the thing.
 Cooking was probably the last things ever in my mind.
But recently I just enjoy myself doing it
. But honestly, if it doesn't have less than 10 ingredients, if it’s not easy & if it is not a simple recipe... I'm not interested!
Oh come on guys I’m taking a baby steps here.... *well at least I'm starting*

 I’m pretty sure some of you are excited to see what I had made. 
Now let the picture do the talking.....*drum rolls*

Chicken Black Pepper Soy Sauce.

IMG_20130208_141920 IMG_20130207_133305

Tom Yam

Jemput-Jemput Ikan Bilis
IMG_20130205_173851 IMG_20130204_124203

Sweet Sour Prawns

Bingka Ubi
IMG_20130129_195925 IMG_20130129_181128
Spinach Pie

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  1. tq Sandra Azwan... i follow your blog... U're such an inspiration. keep up a good work! :-)