Mar 5, 2013

A Girl, A Cake & A Big Smile!

It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 26 years old this year. Yay!! for the cake, candles & lots of  birthday love. Happy birthday to me!  I would say I am a day older and a day wiser. I am ready to see what being 26 years old going to be like. All I want are extra happiness, joy, lots of love & pursuing my dreams.


p/s : A little note for my reader

Hi Guys!,
I am sorry I was away so long and for disappearing without a much as a note saying I’ll be taking a time off. Please forgive me. I can only say that I have been taking it easy on blogging and recharging myself. Now I feel newly inspired, I am ready to jump back in and share what’s happening around me. So stay tuned & keep visiting my blog for the latest update. Wohoo!!!

Love & Kisses

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