Nov 14, 2011

What have been keeping me feel so comfortable?

I wear my black heel wedge a lot. So much so that I could quickly become embarrassing if I posted every time I put it on (Have a look at  my previous photos).  I own it last March. I throw it on to run to the market, to class & to do my shopping.  I am in love with this heels, it make whatever I've got feel more comfortable. I wear it to just about every single outing and parties I attend. It just always works. I abusively wore all year long. Even now big boss mummy start giving me unapproved look when I keep wearing this wedge. 
Okay I hide this wedge already mummy, no need to make faces!
but the truth is I am still in love with it & sometimes I do miss this blackly wedge. I want to get a new one in different colour ( or maybe this is what I want for Christmas).

Love Delila

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