Nov 10, 2011

Mr Charming Well-Dressed Rebel

Can you really blame a guy for wearing his jeans a bit too high on his waist?  Well, No! But we can offer advice for better style.

When you wear a blazer with shorts, you get the feeling that you’re dressed up, but you’re still casual. It says ' I don’t work for The Man.’ Most guys, if they’re going to pull this look off, would probably be more comfortable wearing an unstructured cotton jacket with busted-up cargo shorts. It takes a brave man to wear a tailored jacket with tailored shorts. Which will look like this...

'But that’s the point.It’s something you’re not supposed to wear. That’s rebellion.-Michael Macko, Director of Menswear, Saks Fifth Avenue'. Do remind yourself whether you wear a crisp blazer or rumpled cotton jacket when you wear it with shorts, skip the socks. As Macko says, you don’t want to look like you live in Bermuda.

To me, style goes hand in hand with taste. After all it is your taste!

Love Delila

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