Nov 12, 2011

Hey Shorty: Guide to dressing for petite sizes

According to fashion industry petite defined as 5'5 inches tall & under. My 5' tall make me fall under a petite category. I found that fashion for petite women can be at time tricky and challenging. But trust me darling, if you know the trick, we actually have a lot of advantage. So to all the petite women the news isn't all bad. Just because you are petite doesn't mean you can't make a big fashion statement. After all good things come in a small package. 

Here are some tips & tricks to highlight your assets: 

Empire waist 
Anything with higher rise will elongate your legs. Find shorts and trousers that hits at your natural waist.Long sleeves tops & jacket sleeves must not be any longer that your wrist.

Tops Neckline
V neck & broad necklines flatter petite women as they create an illusion of a long and lean neckline.

Choose the best length
Skirts should not cover your knees. Maxi skirts are not graze the floor. Pants should always graze the top of your feet. 

Stick to simple snug fitting clothes. The classic wrap dress is very friendly because it points a vertical line on your body. It is important to maintain clean, lean, line when dressing.

Think Balance
Too much fabric will over power your figure. So think balance. Volume on top means slim on the bottom & vice verse.

Monochromatic outfits
Shorter women will look taller and more pulled together.If they wear the same colour from head to toe.

Necklace and earring draw attention up to the face. So a long statement necklace with bright colours really draws eyes up. 

Be sexy
Show some part of the body so you don't get lost in your clothes.

Have a great tailor
One of the most important parts of being able to wear the dress that you totally fell in love with is to be able to know that you have a great tailor that you can count.

With a few tricks on hand & positives thinking, I'm sure all petite women will look fabulous. Honestly, if you have a great personality & style, no one will even bother about your lack of height. Just keep your chin up darling!


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