Aug 15, 2011

Delila Petite Collection 2011

Eid is right around the corner. Most of us are busy looking for new outfits. This year will be special one for me, because I'm going to wear my latest designs collection, Exotic Malay. Every spare moments of the past few weeks have seen me in my studio finishing my latest dresses. I love making and designing dress. I really love when it play with my creativity. Putting together pretty fabric that requires too much time and attention are worth it when I see the final result. That definitely put a big smile on my face & I am grinning alone like a silly bunny :P...
It just seems so appropriate to introduce my latest designs for Eid since it is a celebration that everyone waiting for. So Stay Tuned! 
Ramadhan Kareem! 15 days more to go...wish me tones of Luck darling!...:) To me this month is a month of patience. Let's hope we all have a blessed one & we take all this month has to offer with an open heart & Smile.

Love Delila

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