Aug 17, 2011

Creating & Designing

I usually look like this when I'm busy sewing the dress. Can you see the sign on my face..Do not disturb! Go away... :P

and when I saw the camera, the true colours had to come out.
I am grinning ear to ear acting like a silly bunny...! : D

Stay tunes Lovelies for Delila Designs new collection!

Love Delila

I was wearing- Anggun Orange, Delila Petite Collection 2011. Just a sneak peak! More photos of the dress soon. If you like to see more of  Behind The Scenes of Exotic Malay


  1. thanks for your comment =) I love your dresses! and I'm always that focused when sewing^^

    Nina Oliva

  2. My pleasure. thanks god you like me..thought i'm the weird one! :)